Scene Study “Work Out” Course

Coming back soon!

Here is the description for the upcoming class:

When you’re not in school and not in rehearsal, how do you practice your craft? You can only do so much work talking to a mirror, voice recording yourself, or running lines with your dear roommate. Acting (and directing) is a craft. I want to exercise my craft with you.

Saturday mornings from 9am-12pm, I want to work on scenes with you. This session will be focused on modern plays.  My goal is to have 6-10 actors. After seeing who has signed up, I will tailor scenes to pairs of actors with plays written by some of my favorite playwrights — Lucy Kirkwood, Madeleine George, Gina Gionfriddo, Tanya Barfield, Stephen Karam, Mike Lew, to name a few.

We will warm up and work. I am not interested in a final product. There will be no final presentation. Simply, actors supporting other actors and a room to take risks. What do you think?

Interested?  Email me at rebeccalynnbradshaw [at] gmail [dot] com to sign up.